The Art Bulletin 96 (September 2014)

Posted in journal articles by Editor on November 17, 2014

In the current issue of The Art Bulletin:

ab_sep2014• Claudia Mattos, “Whither Art History? Geography, Art Theory, and New Perspectives for an Inclusive Art History,” pp. 259–64.

• Aaron Wile, “Watteau, Reverie, and Selfhood,” pp. 319–37.

Watteau’s fêtes galantes break with key aspects of academic art theory in early eighteenth-century France—particularly as put forward by Roger de Piles—to elicit an experience of reverie in the spectator. Watteau’s formal innovations inaugurated a new relationship between painting and beholder that opened up a new sphere of subjective experience, linking the artist’s enterprise with the rise of modern interiority.

• Ebba Koch, Review of Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, Monumental Matters: The Power, Subjectivity, and Space of India’s Mughal Architecture (Duke UP, 2011), pp. 362–65.

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