Exhibition | The Lavish Prince Regent

Posted in exhibitions by Caitlin Smits on February 4, 2016

From the MFAH:

The Lavish Prince Regent
Rienzi, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 5 March — 30 July 2016


Henry Bone, King George IV, 1821, enamel on gold, 9k rose gold, embossed metallic foil, and glass (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Rienzi Collection)

Prior to his accession to the British throne in 1821, King George IV served as Prince Regent of the nation during the mental illness and incapacitation of his father, George III.  Before and during his regency, the prince led an extravagant lifestyle that held great sway over the fashions of the day, which saw him advocating new forms of leisure, style, and taste.

During this period, he built the famous Royal Pavilion in Brighton, which was an Orientalist fantasy in architecture. As with the pavilion, the ‘Regency Style’ that the prince created was a mixture of the Antique and the exotic, the gilded and the decorated—and with an interest in elegant innovation. This exhibition presents a survey of this most sumptuous of historical styles

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  1. Is there a catalogue?

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