Exhibition | Jean-Baptiste Huet: The Pleasure of Nature

Posted in books, catalogues, exhibitions by InternCS on February 11, 2016

From the Musée Cognacq-Jay:

Jean-Baptiste Huet, le plaisir de la nature
Musée Cognacq-Jay, Paris, 6 February — 5 June 2016

Curated by Benjamin Couilleaux

huet_couvAlthough he belonged to an important line of 18th-century artists, Jean-Baptiste Huet (1745–1811) has never before been the subject of a monographic exhibition. The Cognacq-Jay Museum will pay tribute to his alluring talent through a selection of paintings and graphic works. Jean-Baptiste Huet, who spent the majority of his career in Paris, was first trained in his family environment. He then received instruction from the animal painter Charles Dagomer and encouragement from Jean-Baptiste Le Prince, a talented student of Boucher. Benefitting from these influences, Huet developed a naturalistic and graceful style. He excelled in works of pastoral scenery depicting tales of the tender romances of shepherds, painted rustic landscapes with poetic notes and depicted the animal world with frankness and sympathy. He was admitted to the Académie in 1769, had regular exhibitions at the Paris Salon and was entrusted with decorative cycles. Huet’s art met with great success in various mediums. In 1783, Oberkampf, founder of the royal manufacture of Jouy-en-Josas, requested his services in creating printed patterns. His early creations were light, still in the Rococo style, then later gave way to straighter and more orderly shapes in the wake of Neoclassicism. Even up to his very last expressions, Huet’s work constitutes a tremendous tribute to the beauty of nature, with aspects of both reverie and fascination.

The dossier de presse de l’exposition is available as a PDF file here»

Benjamin Couilleaux, Jean-Baptiste Huet, le plaisir de la nature (Paris Musées, 2016), 176 pages, ISBN: 978-2759603145, 30€.

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