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Posted in books by Editor on February 18, 2016

From Bloomsbury:

Kate Tiller, Parsonages (New York: Bloomsbury Shire Publications, 2016), 88 pages, ISBN: 978-1784421373, $15.

9781784421373From the Middle Ages to the present day, parsonages—vicarages, rectories, and later manses, presbyteries, and chapel houses—have been among the most significant dwellings in every kind of British community. Their roles have been wide and varied. Architecturally important, and ranging from medieval vernacular buildings to the bespoke house designs of leading architects of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the more modest homes of today’s clergy, parsonages are important not only as buildings but for the part they—and their occupants—have played in the life of local communities, and in their links with the wider world. The parsonage, a hub of activity and connection, a place of change and continuity, provides fascinating historical insights both general and local. This study draws on the evidence of architecture, official documents, private records, literary accounts, and contemporary and modern images to build a picture of parsonages and their occupants. It includes a section on tracing the history of a parsonage.


Parsonage Histories: Houses, Priests and People
Setting the Pattern: Medieval Priests’ Houses
The Post-Reformation Parsonage
Georgian Parsonages: A Golden Age?
Victorian and Edwardian Heyday
Vicarages and Rectories: The Recent Past
Further Reading
Tracing the History of a Parsonage: A Checklist of Sources

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