Call for Session Proposals | ASECS 2017, Minneapolis

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on May 13, 2016

Panel proposals are due this weekend:

2017 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference
Minneapolis, 30 March — 2 April 2017

Session Proposals due by 15 May 2016

Proposals for panels at the at the 48th annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, to take place in Minneapolis, are now being accepted. Please complete the form (available as a Word document) and email it to asecs@wfu.edu.

Please note that in accordance with the Handbook on the Annual Meeting, III. The Conduct and Procedures of Seminars [i.e. Sessions]; E. No person may present more than one paper at a single annual meeting or appear more than twice on the program excluding participants in plenary sessions and winners of the Innovative Course Design Competition. This means that in addition to presenting a paper, a person may also serve as either a session chair, a respondent, OR a panel discussant. A person who does not present a paper may serve in no more than two of these other capacities. It is not permitted for a session chair to present a paper in his/ her own session.

Please note also that in order to hold down the number of concurrent sessions, which has increased considerably over the last decade, the Executive Board has decided that requests for double sessions will no longer be entertained.

As a reminder, ASECS caucuses continue to be guaranteed two sessions and affiliate societies one session; regional societies are no longer guaranteed a session on the program unless they are meeting jointly with ASECS when it is in their region. Like individual members, affiliate societies, regional societies, and caucuses are encouraged to submit session proposals to be considered by the Program Committee.

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