Lecture Series | Philip Hardie on Celestial Aspirations

Posted in lectures (to attend) by Editor on September 22, 2016

From H-ArtHist:

Philip Hardie | Celestial Aspirations: 17th- and 18th-Century
British Poetry and Painting and the Classical Tradition

The 2016 E. H. Gombrich Lecture Series on the Classical Tradition
London, Warburg Institute, 11–13 October 2016

Organised by the Warburg Institute and Princeton University Press

Philip Hardie, Honorary Professor of Latin and Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, will deliver three lectures (each beginning at 17.30). They are free of charge, but pre-registration is required.

• Tuesday, 11 October: Visions of Apotheosis and Glory on Painted Ceilings: From Rubens’s Banqueting House, Whitehall to Thornhill’s Painted Hall, Greenwich
• Wednesday, 12 October: Poetic Ascents and Flights of the Mind: Neoplatonism to Romanticism
• Thursday, 13 October: ‘No Middle Flight’: Miltonic Ascents and Their Reception

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