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Posted in exhibitions by Editor on October 4, 2016

Now on view at the National Maritime Museum in Brest:

Brest: Port of Liberty at the Time of American Independence
Brest: Port de la Liberté au temps de l’indépendance américaine
Musée National de la Marine, Brest, 30 June 2016 — 30 April 2017

brest_port_liberte_bdIn the context of the 240th anniversary of American independence, the naval museum in Brest presents its new exhibition Brest: Harbor of Liberty at the Time of the American Revolution. Upstream of the centenary celebrations of the American landing in Brest in 1917, this exhibition recalls the strong ties between France and the United States. It traces the commitment of Louis XVI’s France in the war between the North American colonies and Britain from 1775 to 1783 and highlights the strategic role played then by the port of Brest.

In February 1778 the Scottish privateer John Paul Jones arrived in Brest. He was the first officer of the American Navy in which young Louis XVI entrusted a ship. France had to engage with the colonial side in the struggle against the British crown. The freedom of the young American nation was preparing on the banks of the Penfeld . . . The exhibition, indoor and outdoor, the discovery of the port city and the major role of Brest in the American war in the late Enlightenment.

Jean-Yves Besselièvre, Administrateur du musée national de la Marine à Brest
Lénaïg L’Aot-Lombart, Adjointe chargée de médiation

Scientific advice
Alain Boulaire, docteur d’État en histoire, Olivier Corre, docteur en histoire
Marjolaine Mourot, Conservateur en chef du patrimoine, chef du service Conservation au Musée national de la Marine


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