Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars, Jan–Apr 2017

Posted in lectures (to attend) by Editor on December 22, 2016

From the ECRS website:

Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh, January–April 2017

812283984The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars (ECRS) series presents papers addressing varying aspects of eighteenth-century history, culture, literature, education, art, music, geography, religion, science, and philosophy. The series seeks to provide a regular inter-disciplinary forum for postgraduate and early-career researchers working on the eighteenth century to meet and discuss their research. Seminars will be held on a fortnightly basis on Wednesdays at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, from 4:30 to 6:00pm. Each will consist of two papers followed by a drinks reception. ECRS is supported by the Eighteenth-Century and Enlightenment Studies Network (ECENS) of the University of Edinburgh.

25 January 2017
• Ben Rogers (University of Edinburgh), ‘An Unexpected Solution or a Political Imposition?’: Scottish Episcopalian Toleration, 1702–12
• Carys Brown (University of Cambridge), ‘A Dissembling Harlot for a Leacherous Wolf’: Sexual Reputation and Religious Coexistence in England, c. 1689–1750

8 February 2017
• Nicola Martin (University of Stirling), Improvement, Stadial Theory, and the Pacification of the Highlands in the Mid-Eighteenth Century
• Thomas Archambaud (Independent), The Highland Bard and the Prime Minister: James Macpherson, Lord Bute, and the Politics of Scottish Patronage in the Age of Enlightenment

22 February 2017
• Sydney Ayers (University of Edinburgh), Representing Robert Adam: Biography, Portraiture, and Memory
• Nel Whiting (University of Dundee), ‘If They Hang Not in Proper Places, They Will Not Have a Good Effect’: Portraiture, Place, and Position

1 March 2017
• Elizabeth Ford (University of Glasgow), ‘I Can Think of Nothing But That Flute’: General John Reid (1721–1807)
• Alice Little (University of Oxford), Categorising ‘National Music’ in Eighteenth-Century Oxford

15 March 2017
• William Swain (University of Edinburgh), Adam Ferguson, Freidrich von Gentz, and the Decline of the Martial Spirit
• John Stone (Universitat de Barcelona), The Cultural Work of the Royal Scots College (Valladolid), 1770–1808: Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora, the ‘National Feeling’, and Library Formation

22 March 2017
• Catherine Ellis (Durham University), How To Understand the Sex Worker at the Table: Gastrocritical Approaches to Eighteenth-Century French Prostitution’
• Jessica Hamel-Akré (University of Montreal), ‘Oh, When Shall I Be Holy?: Reading and Writing Women’s Eighteenth-Century Self-Starvation

12 April 2017
• Hannah Lund (University of Edinburgh), Enthroned: The Sitter’s Chair of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1760–1879
• Suchitra Choudhury (University of Glasgow), Fashion and Textiles: A Postcolonial Reading of Sir Walter Scott

26 April 2017
• Charlotte Bassett (University of Edinburgh), Lady Margaret Hamilton: Patroness of Hopetoun
• Amy Boyington (University of Cambridge), Elite Wives and Architecture in Eighteenth-Century Britain

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