Call for Papers | Source: Notes in the History of Art

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on January 17, 2017

Source: Notes in the History of Art

We welcome essays on art from any period or geographical area of interest. Our concise format—up to 2500 words and 3 illustrations—is perfect for introducing fresh interpretations, discoveries, and speculations, resolving old points of dispute, and bringing new ones to light.

Source was founded in 1981 as a scholarly journal in art history. Its mission is to publish articles of 2500 words or less, accompanied by a maximum of three illustrations. The range of articles spans antiquity to the present and includes western and non-western art. The original premise has been borne out: there is an audience for scholarly articles in art history that are clearly written, adequately illustrated, and above all, succinct. Furthermore, scholars welcome having a forum to present ideas and speculations that don’t warrant a major treatise but might nevertheless make interesting ‘notes’ for specialists and non-specialists alike.

Manuscripts may be submitted in English, French, or German. Please note that French, German, or other foreign-language submissions take more time to review, and so even a draft English translation is preferable.

More information is available here»

Editor: John Cunnally
Sponsored by the Bard Graduate Center, New York

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