New Book | The Sun King’s Atlantic

Posted in books by Editor on November 4, 2017

From Brill:

Jutta Wimmler, The Sun King’s Atlantic: Drugs, Demons, and Dyestuffs in the Atlantic World, 1640–1730 (Leiden: Brill, 2017), 230 pages, ISBN: 9789004336070, 80€ / $93.

In The Sun King’s Atlantic, Jutta Wimmler reveals the many surprising ways in which the Atlantic world channeled cultural developments during the age of the Sun King. Although hardly visible for contemporaries at the time, Africa and America were omnipresent throughout early modern France: in the textile industry, pharmaceutics, medicine, scientific methods, religious discourse, and court theatre. The book moves beyond typical plantation crops and the slave trade to illustrate how a focus on Europe challenges us to rethink the place of Africa in the early modern world.

Jutta Wimmler, Ph.D. (2011), University of Graz (Austria), is a researcher and lecturer at the European University Viadrina, Germany. She has published several articles about Africa’s impact on Europe, most recently in the Journal of Religion in Africa.


1  Introduction
2  Sugar and Slaves? French Atlantic Trade before 1730
3  The Fashionable Atlantic: Innovation and Consumption
4  Body Matters: Remedies, Foodstuffs and Cosmetics
5  The Iatrochemical Advantage: Methods for an Expanding World
6  Perfect French Subjects: Staging the Atlantic World
7  Devils and Martyrs: Religious Concepts Travel the Globe
8  Epilogue

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