New Book | Art, Commerce, and Colonialism, 1600–1800

Posted in books by Editor on November 6, 2017

From Manchester UP:

Emma Barker, ed., Art, Commerce, and Colonialism, 1600–1800 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017), 200 pages, ISBN: 978 15261 22926, £18 / $35.

The book examines how increasing engagement with the rest of the world transformed European art, architecture and design. It considers how commercial activity and colonial ventures gave rise to new and diverse forms of visual and material culture across the globe. Drawing on a wide range of recent scholarship, it offers a new perspective that challenges Eurocentric approaches.

Emma Barker is Senior Lecturer in Art History at The Open University.


Introduction, Emma Barker
1  From Iberia to the Americas: Hispanic Art of the Colonial Era, Piers Baker-Bates
2  The Golden Age Revisited: Dutch Art in Global Perspective, Emma Barker
3  Creative Interactions: Chinoiserie in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Clare Taylor
4  Transatlantic Architecture: Classicism, Colonialism, and Race, Elizabeth McKellar
Conclusion, Emma Barker


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