Call for Papers | Masterpiece London: Museums and the Art Trade

Posted in books by Editor on April 30, 2018

Masterpiece Symposium: Museums and the Art Trade
Masterpiece London, 30 June 2018

Proposals due by 11 May 2018

Masterpiece London is delighted to host a day of lectures, seminars, and discussion sessions co-organised by the Fair and Dr Thomas Marks, editor of Apollo, to bring together the preeminent museum curators of tomorrow with the emerging stars of the art and antiques trade, with the aim of encouraging constructive discussion, networking, and the exchange of knowledge and practical advice. We invite art historians and members of the art trade to submit short academic papers (15–20 minutes) for presentation during the Masterpiece Symposium, or simply to attend the event. Please note that although spaces are free, we are limited to 100 delegates and so your early response is encouraged.

Applicants should submit a 200-word abstract and a brief biography to francesca.charltonjones@masterpiecefair.com by 11 May 2018. The papers will be reviewed by a selection committee: Philip Hewat-Jaboor (Chairman, Masterpiece London), Thomas Marks (Editor, Apollo), and Jocelyn Poulton (Head of Vetting, Masterpiece London). Travel bursaries will be available to applicants invited to speak.

Suggested paper topics for Masterpiece London Symposium 2018 include
• Significant historical art dealers, their business practices, client relationships, or premises
• The historical or current relationship between institutions and the art trade
• Art dealers who have worked as curators or curators who have worked collaboratively with art dealers—nationally and/or internationally
• The cultural philanthropic activity and impact thereof, of art businesses
• The impact and practices of art dealers in the historical acquisition of non-European objects or antiquities by museums
• The ethics of collaborative work between museums and the art trade

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