New Book | Chippendale’s Classic Marquetry Revealed

Posted in books by Editor on July 24, 2018

From Jack Metcalfe’s website, Marquetry Matters:

Jack Metcalfe, Chippendale’s Classic Marquetry Revealed (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018), 304 pages, ISBN: 978-1720881131, $65.

In this lavishly illustrated, wide-ranging volume, expert marqueteur Jack Metcalfe gives fascinating insights into all aspects of eighteenth-century marquetry, gained from close first-hand examination of Chippendale’s original pieces. Using his insider’s knowledge and skills as a practitioner, he investigates the materials, dyes, tools, and techniques used to create Chippendale’s polychromatic pieces. With its lively, engaging narrative and over 700 colour images, this book is essential reading for marqueteurs, cabinet makers, dyers, furniture historians, and anyone interested in the work of Britain’s supreme furniture maker, Thomas Chippendale.

Separate chapters cover:
• Materials and tools used in Chippendale’s time
• Techniques of eighteenth-century marquetry
• Dyes and dyeing techniques, including the scientific analysis of dyes used on Chippendale’s furniture
• Detailed step-by-step descriptions of the construction of three replica pieces by the author
• A detailed illustrated gallery of all the known marquetry commissions made by Thomas Chippendale.

With over 20 years’ experience as a marqueteur, Jack Metcalfe has devoted himself to uncovering and mastering the techniques of marquetry as practised by Chippendale’s skilled artisans in the eighteenth century. Using equipment, materials, dyes and techniques as close to the original as possible, Jack has created striking replicas of marquetry panels from Chippendale furniture, including the famous Diana and Minerva Commode. His careful research into the use of dyes, including ground-breaking scientific analysis of coloured veneers used, has enabled him to reveal the often startlingly fresh colours that Chippendale’s furniture would have displayed when first constructed.

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