Material Fictions, Special Issues of ECF, 2018–19

Posted in journal articles by Editor on September 24, 2018

The editors are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a special issue of Eighteenth-Century Fiction:

Material Fictions, a Special Issue of Eighteenth-Century Fiction
Edited by Eugenia Zuroski (McMaster University) and Michael Yonan (University of Missouri)

Eugenia Zuroski and Michael Yonan, Material Fictions: A Dialogue as Introduction

Articles in Part 1 — ECF 31.1 (Fall 2018)

• Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace, ‘Character Resolved into Clay’:  The Toby Jug, Eighteenth-Century English Ceramics, and the Rise of Consumer Culture
• Emily M. West, Animal Things, Human Language, and Children’s Education
• Freya Gowrley, Craft(ing) Narratives: Specimens, Souvenirs, and ‘Morsels’ in A la Ronde’s Specimen Table
• Conny Cassity, Caught by the Throat: Anti-slavery Assemblages in Paul et Virginie and Belinda
• Emma Newport, The Fictility of Porcelain: Making and Shaping Meaning in Lady Dorothea Banks’s ‘Dairy Book’
• Joann Gohmann, Colonizing through Clay: A Case Study of the Pineapple in British Material Culture
• Tili Boon Cuillé, Of Mind and Matter in Charles Duclos’s Acajou et Zirphile
• Emma Peacocke, Puppets, Waxworks, and a Wooden Dramatis Personae: Eighteenth-Century Material Culture and Philosophical History in William Godwin’s Fleetwood

Articles in Part 2 — ECF 31.2 (Winter 2019), forthcoming

• Chloe Wigston Smith, Bodkin Aesthetics: Small Things in the Eighteenth Century
• Timothy Campbell, Soft Materiality: Dress and Material Fiction in T.S. Surr’s A Winter in London
• Tracey Hutchings-Goetz, The Glove as Fetish Object in Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Culture
• Alicia Kerfoot, Virtuous Footwear: Pamela’s Shoe Heel and Cinderilla’s ‘Little Glass Slipper’
• Samuel Diener, Eighteenth-Century Pipes and the Erasure of the Disposable Object
• Ula Lukszo Klein, Dildos and Material Sapphism in the Eighteenth Century
• Alicia Caticha, ‘Neither Poets, Painters, nor Sculptors’: Classical Mimesis and the Art of Female Hairdressing in Eighteenth-Century France
• Sean Silver, Afterword: What Do We Mean by ‘Material’?


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