Call for Papers | Late Venetian Fortification

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on December 6, 2018

From the Call for Papers:

Late Venetian Fortification
Split, Croatia 4–5 October 2019

Proposals due by 15 January 2019

Until now, research on Venetian fortifications has given considerable more attention to Cinquecento works than to the achievements of the following centuries. This is why the aim of the conference is to focus on the later period. New material and insights are expected on the period starting with the War of Candia (1645–1669). Relevant topics include but are not limited to:
• important fortification sites and projects: Morea, Corfu, Corinto, Dalmatia, etc.
• activities of military engineers
• procedures and institutions involved in the construction of fortifications
• involvement of Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg (1661–1747) in fortification construction

Proposals for 30-minute talks should be submitted to azmegac@ipu.hr no later than 15 January 2019. Applicants will be notified by 15 February 2019. Proposals should include the title of the paper, an abstract (max 1500 characters), a short CV with bibliography, affiliation, and contact information. The conferences languages are English and Italian. Presenters are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Selected contributions will be published in the conference proceedings.

The conference is part of the research project Antun Jančić and Fortification Architecture of the Venetian Republic funded by the Croatian Science Foundation and conducted at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb.

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