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Published this month by Bloomsbury:

Stacey Sloboda and Michael Yonan, eds., Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds: Global and Local Geographies of Art (London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019), 312 pages, ISBN: 978-1501335488, $117.

While the connected, international character of today’s art world is well known, the eighteenth century too had a global art world. Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds is the first book to attempt a map of the global art world of the eighteenth century. Fourteen essays from a distinguished group of scholars explore both cross-cultural connections and local specificities of art production and consumption in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The result is an account of a series of interconnected and asymmetrical art worlds that were well developed in the eighteenth century.

Capturing the full material diversity of eighteenth-century art, this book considers painting and sculpture alongside far more numerous prints and decorative objects. Analyzing the role of place in the history of eighteenth-century art, it bridges the disciplines of art history and cultural geography, and draws attention away from any one place as a privileged art-historical site, while highlighting places such as Manila, Beijing, Mexico City, and London as significant points on globalized map of the eighteenth-century art world. Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds combines a broad global perspective on the history of art with careful attention to how global artistic concerns intersect with local ones, offering a framework for future studies in global art history.

Stacey Sloboda is Paul H. Tucker Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Michael Yonan is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Missouri.


List of Illustrations

1  Stacey Sloboda and Michael Yonan, Mapping Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds
2  Kristina Kleutghen, Flowering Stone: The Aesthetics and Politics of Islamic Jades at the Qing Court
3  Michele Matteini, The Market for ‘Western’ Paintings in Eighteenth-Century East Asia: A View from the Liulichang Market in Beijing
4  Timon Screech, Floating Pictures: The European Dimension to Japanese Art during the Eighteenth Century
5  Yeewan Koon, A Chinese Canton? Painting the Local in Export Art
6  J. M. Mancini, Pedro Cambón’s Asian Objects: A Transpacific Approach to Eighteenth-Century California
7  Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Making It Ours: Religious Art in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Spanish American Newspapers
8  Mari-Tere Álvarez and Charlene Villaseñor Black, Tortoiseshell and the Edge of Empire: Artistic Materials and Imperial Politics in Spain and France
9  Kristel Smentek, Other Antiquities: Ancients, Moderns, and the Challenge of China in Eighteenth-Century France
10  Hannah Williams, Drifting through the Louvre: A Local Guide to the French Academy
11  Carole Paul, The Art World of the European Grand Tour
12  Michael Yonan, The African Geographies of Angelo Soliman
13  Prita Meier, Toward an Itinerant Art History: The Swahili Coast of Eastern Africa
14  Stacey Sloboda, St. Martin’s Lane in London, Philadelphia, and Vizagapatam

List of Contributors

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