New Book | American Silver in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Posted in books by Editor on February 27, 2019

From Yale UP:

Beatrice Garvan and David Barquist, with Elisabeth Agro, American Silver in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Volume 1, Makers A–F (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018), 464 pages, ISBN: 978-0300229400, $150.

Beginning with Cesar Ghiselin in 1681, Philadelphia has a long and storied history of silversmithing that includes notable artists such as Joseph Richardson Sr. and Jr., Philip Syng Jr., and Olaf Skoogfors. Celebrating this legacy and showcasing the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s extraordinary and comprehensive collection of American silver, this generously illustrated book features a broad array of objects that range from colonial-era tableware to groundbreaking contemporary designs. Extensive biographies of makers accompany detailed entries on individual pieces that are full of new discoveries related to artist marks, heraldic engravings, and provenance histories. This volume is the first of four—organized alphabetically by makers and retailers—that will eventually encompass the museum’s complete collection of American silver.

Beatrice B. Garvan is curator emerita of American decorative arts, and David L. Barquist is the H. Richard Dietrich, Jr., Curator of American Decorative Arts, both at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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