Call for Papers | At CAA 2020, Historic Libraries & Art Historiography

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on April 5, 2019

Dr. Musto plans to submit this proposal to CAA as a fully-formed, ‘complete session’, and she welcomes eighteenth-century submissions:

Historic Libraries and Art Historiography
College Art Association Conference, Hilton Chicago, 12–15 February 2020

Organized by Jeanne-Marie Musto

Proposals due by 22 April 2019

Currently seeking papers for a session exploring the potential of historic libraries to deepen and broaden our understanding of art historiography and its relationship to social, intellectual and geo-political currents. Such libraries include those not specifically intended for the study of art. This session will build on a theme introduced at CAA 2019, where a wide range of art-historical themes emerged from diverse libraries. These libraries range from early modern through twentieth century, across several continents, and survive intact or through inventories. Xu Bo’s library inventory, for example, offers a view into the role of art history in Ming dynasty regionalism, while the history of an individual Mexican codex within the National Library of Spain tells of the shifting winds of colonial and post-colonial cultural authority. But these libraries also tell of more than geopolitical concerns. They underline efforts to define the inchoate discipline of art history through a wide spectrum of materials. At the same time, they demonstrate active participation in art historical debates, and connections with artists and arts administrators. Papers that examine any aspect of the historiography of art emerging from the analysis of historic libraries will be welcomed. Please send proposals for a paper including title, abstract (250 words) and CV to Dr. Jeanne-Marie Musto, musto.jeannemarie@gmail.com. Additional information concerning the 2020 conference is available here.

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