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From ArtHist.net:

Keywords of Mobility: Paradigms of Movement in Premodern Material Culture
The Norwegian Institute in Rome, 6–7 June 2019

The history of art has been engaged with mobility for centuries. Movement, with its limits and potentials, constitutes in several ways a founding principle of the discipline, and its fascination or rejection stands at the core of much of its narrative. But the recent (re)turn to mobility is rapidly reframing many assumptions about the discourses and practice of the discipline itself. How has art history and, more generally, the study of material cultures, absorbed and reacted to the mobility turn? What kind of theoretical frameworks has, does, and will the discipline, in its broader acceptance, foster and promote? How is mobility—whose intangible nature makes it a rather elusive object of study—embraced and developed in art historical projects?

More than a decade after Sheller and Urry’s call for a ‘mobility turn’, this workshop invites scholars of the premodern period to reconsider the role of art history and material studies in a de-sedentarized, mobile world. Our scope is to reflect and redefine a set of critical terms, whose use (and sometimes abuse) is central to current debates. In doing so, we do not intend to propose a ‘grand narrative’ of mobility, but rather to explore a new set of questions, theoretical approaches, and ideas, in order to understand practices, meanings, forces, and impacts of movement in premodern art.

T H U R S D A Y ,  6  J U N E  2 0 1 9

9.30  Registration

9.45  Welcome by Christopher Prescott (Director of The Norwegian Institute in Rome)

10.00  Morning Talks
• Mattia Biffis (Oslo), Mobility What? Viewing Movement Tridimensionally
• Yannis Hadjinicolaou (Hamburg), Flying: Falconry as an Image Vehicle
• Bronwen Wilson (Los Angeles), The Itinerary, the Line, and the Limits of the Page
• Hagi Kenaan (Tel Aviv), Visual Network: The Case of Graffiti

13.00  Lunch break

14.30  Afternoon Talks
• Janina Wellmann (Lüneburg), Rhythm: A New Episteme around 1800
• Meha Priyadarshini (Edinburgh), Boats, Bales, and Ballads: The Material and Culture Practice of Transportation in the Early Modern Period
• Piers Baker-Bates (London), Travelling between the Viceroyalties: The Cosmopolitanism of Works of Art within the 16th-Century Hispanic World
• Stefan Neuner (Berlin), The Ferryman and the Obsessed: Connectivity in Urban and Social Space in Venice around 1500 according to Vittore Carpaccio

18.00  Aperitivo

20.00  Dinner

F R I D A Y ,  7  J U N E  2 0 1 9

9.50  Welcome by Sam Hardy (The Norwegian Institute in Rome)

10.15  Morning Talks
• Miriana Carbonara (East Anglia), Art and Borders: A Methodology
• Federico Zuliani (Turin), Migrant Bibles: Relocating Objects and Beliefs in Early Modern Europe
• Aron Vinegar (Oslo), On Habit’s Remainder and the Subject Matter of Inertia

13.00  Lunch break

14.30  Afternoon Talks
• Peter Gillgren (Stockholm), Siting: Mobility and Materiality
• Ivo Van der Graaff (New Hampshire), The Architecture of Departure and Arrival in the Early Roman Empire
• Tiffany Racco (Washington DC), The Performance of Speed: Luca Giordano’s Recurring Role as the Fast Painter

17.00  Concluding Remarks

17.30  Visit to the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola

20.00  Dinner

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