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From Routledge:

Elisabeth A. Fraser, ed., The Mobility of People and Things in the Early Modern Mediterranean: The Art of Travel (New York: Routledge, 2019), 160 pages, ISBN: 978-1138488083, $150.

For centuries artists, diplomats, and merchants served as cultural intermediaries in the Mediterranean. Stationed in port cities and other entrepôts of the Mediterranean, these go-betweens forged intercultural connections even as they negotiated and sometimes promoted cultural misunderstandings. They also moved objects of all kinds across time and space. This volume considers how the mobility of art and material culture is intertwined with greater Mediterranean networks from 1580 to 1880. Contributors see the movement of people and objects as transformational, emphasizing the trajectory of objects over single points of origin, multiplicity over unity, and mutability over stasis.

Elisabeth A. Fraser is Professor of Art History at the University of South Florida, Tampa.


List of figures
List of Plates
Chapter Abstracts

Elisabeth Fraser, Introduction
1  Sylvia Houghteling, ‘From Scorching Spain and Freezing Muscovy’: English Embroidery and Early Modern Mediterranean Trade
2  Meredith Martin and Gillian Weiss, A Tale of Two Guns: Maritime Weaponry between France and Algiers
3  Julia Landweber, Furnishing the Taste for Coffee in Early Modern France
4  Ashley Dimmig, Substitutes and Souvenirs: Reliving Polish Victory in ‘Turkish’ Tents
5  Elisabeth Fraser, The Ottoman Costume Album as Mobile Object and Agent of Contact
6  Leyla Belkaïd-Neri, Entangled Styles: Mediterranean Migration and Dress in Pre-Modern Algiers
7  Michèle Hannoosh, The Art of Wandering: Alexander Svoboda and Photography in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean

Contributor Biographies

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