New Book | The Tile Book

Posted in books by Editor on January 24, 2020

From Thames & Hudson:

Here Design, with an introduction by Terry Bloxham, The Tile Book: History, Pattern, Design (London: Thames & Hudson, 2019), 304 pages, ISBN: 9780500480250, £20 / $30.

This striking book gathers together an extensive collection of ceramic tiles from around the world and explores their rich history, purpose, and decorative qualities. For centuries, tiles have been used for both functional and aesthetic purposes on the façades and interiors of buildings. Found in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs—ranging from complex geometrical Islamic patterns to figurative seventeenth-century delftware—tiles are among the most varied ceramic products. This luxurious source book, curated by the award-winning studio Here Design, is organized chronologically and features tiles in every variety of shape, displaying each individual tile type and its overall laid pattern in vivid color. Tiles are also shown in situ around the world and at different periods in their remarkable history. The Tile Book is a dazzling mosaic, with colors and patterns that will uplift and inspire.

Here Design is a multiaward-winning design studio in London. Their books include An Anarchy of Chilies, Herbarium, The Grammar of Spice, and Spectrum: Heritage Patterns and Colors.
Terry Bloxham is Assistant Curator of Ceramics and Glass at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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