New Book | A Passion for Porcelain

Posted in books, conferences (summary) by Editor on April 9, 2020

Published by the Gardiner Museum in association with Arnoldsche and distributed by ACC Art Books:

Karine Tsoumis and Vanessa Sigalas, eds., A Passion for Porcelain: Essays in Honour of Meredith Chilton (Stuttgart: Arnoldsche, 2020), 208 pages, ISBN: 978-3897905849, $50.

A Passion for Porcelain brings together papers delivered at an international symposium held in 2018 at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum in honour of Meredith Chilton, C.M., one of the foremost scholars and curators of eighteenth-century European porcelain. Authored by leading scholars in the field, the essays take us on a journey from France (Sèvres), to Japan via Boston, where we encounter both revered artists and anonymous makers, together with passionate collectors past and present. The contributions also explore the medium of porcelain in the context of artistic rivalry and gift exchange, as an object of fashion and scientific curiosity and as a symbol of status and power. Together, the essays reveal the versatility of the medium, changing perceptions, and endless possibilities for porcelain scholarship.

With contributions by Daniel Chen, Katharina Hantschmann, Peter Kaellgren, Sebastian Kuhn, Claudia Lehner-Jobst, Thomas Michie, Jeffrey Munger, Linda Roth, Rosalind Savill, Vanessa Sigalas, and Karine Tsoumis.

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