Call for Papers | Curating, Care, and Community

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From the British Art Network:

Curating, Care, and Community
Online Seminar, 3 September 2020

Proposals due by 26 June 2020

This online seminar will seek to explore how to care for others both within and beyond the curatorial community. The word curator derives from the Latin word curare, ‘to care’. Curators are charged with the physical and intellectual care of collections—the artworks, objects, and narratives found within cultural institutions. However, it is evident to the seminar organisers, a group of early career curators from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, that the concept of care within the sector must stretch beyond the guardianship of cultural heritage, to the care and concern for those everywhere. With this in mind, what role does ‘care’ play in a more holistic sense in a curators work? How do we care for each other, within both the institutional and local communities? Contributions are invited from across a range of disciplines, read the full abstract and find out more information here.

British Art Network (BAN) News

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From the Paul Mellon Centre:

New British Art Network Convenor Appointed

The Paul Mellon Centre is delighted to announce that Dr Martin Myrone will be joining the staff at the Centre in the new role of Convenor of the British Art Network from 1 September 2020. The network, jointly led by Tate and the PMC, brings together over seven hundred specialists working on British art, including curators, researchers and academics, reflecting the combined strength of the UK’s public collections and curatorial expertise.

As Convenor, Martin will lead and develop the activities of this community in close collaboration with the British Art Network’s co-chairs Mark Hallett (Director of Studies at the Paul Mellon Centre) and Alex Farquharson (Director of Tate Britain).

Martin joins the PMC from his post as Senior Curator, Pre-1800 British Art at Tate Britain and is an art historian and curator of international standing. His many exhibitions at Tate Britain have included Gothic Nightmares in 2006, John Martin in 2011, British Folk Art in 2014, and most recently William Blake in 2019. His published work includes the 2005 monograph Bodybuilding: Reforming Masculinities in British Art 1750–1810 and the forthcoming Making the Modern Artist: Class, Culture and Art-Educational Opportunity.

British Art Networks Sub-Groups

British Art Network sub-groups focus on specific topics of British art. The programmes of activity are led and hosted by network members. Membership to the sub-groups is open to British Art Network members who have a professional research interest or specialism in the group subject area. The current sub-groups are:

• Black British Art
• British Art in Historic Houses
• British Drawings
• British Genre and Narrative Painting
• British Landscapes
• British Mural Painting, 1600–1750
• British Drawings
• British Genre and Narrative Painting
• British Landscapes
• British Mural Painting, 1600–1750
• British Women Artists, 1750–1950
• Contemporary Art in Scotland
• Group Work: Contemporary Art and Feminism
• Post-War Painting in Regional Collections
• Queer British Art

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British Art Network Newsletter

The British Art Network circulates a newsletter three times a year, to keep members informed of upcoming events and opportunities relating to British art. The newsletter covers aspects of network activity alongside relevant external exhibitions and events, opportunities and scholarly articles.

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