Online Lecture Series | Collecting Art in Imperial Russia

Posted in lectures (to attend) by Editor on October 3, 2020

From Princeton’s REEES program:

Collecting Art in Imperial Russia
Online Lecture Series: Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at Princeton, September 2020 — April 2021

Organized by Basile Baudez (Princeton University), Ekaterina Pravilova (Princeton University), and Catherine Phillips (European University, St. Petersburg)

24 September 2020
Catherine Phillips (European University at St. Petersburg), How to be a European: Collecting Drawings in Imperial Russia

22 October 2020
Wilfried Zeisler (Hillwood Museum), The Yusupovs in Paris: Building a Collection

12 November 2020
Alexei Larionov (The Hermitage Museum and European University at St. Petersburg), From Rudolf II to Catherine II: Goltzius’ Without Bacchus and Ceres, Venus is Chilled and its Iconography

18 February 2021
Guillaume Nicoud (Mendrisio, Archivio del Moderno), The Hermitage, or a ‘Museum’ in 1770 according to Catherine the Great

18 March 2021
Rosalind Polly Blakesley (Cambridge University), Power and Paint: The Patronage of Women Artists at the Court of Catherine II

8 April 2021
Wendy Salmon (Chapman University), A Tale of Two Collections: The Icons of Nikolai Likhachev and Ilya Ostroukhov

22 April 2020
Roman Grigoriev (The Hermitage Museum and European University at St. Petersburg), Rembrandt in Russia in the 19th Century: Prints and their Collectors

All lectures take place online on Thursdays, beginning at noon and ending at 1:30pm.

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