New Book | Humphry Repton: Landscape Design in an Age of Revolution

Posted in books by Editor on October 18, 2020

From Reaktion Books and the University of Chicago Press:

Tom Williamson, Humphry Repton: Landscape Design in an Age of Revolution (London: Reaktion Books, 2020), 352 pages, ISBN: 978-1789142990, £35 / $50.

Humphry Repton (1752–1818) remains one of England’s most interesting and prolific garden and landscape designers. Renowned for his innovative design proposals and distinctive before-and-after images, captured in his famous ‘Red Books’, Repton’s astonishing career represents the link between the simple parklands of his predecessor Capability Brown and the more elaborate, structured, and formal landscapes of the Victorian age. This lavishly illustrated book, based on a wealth of new research, reinterprets Repton’s life, working methods, and designs, and examines why they proved so popular in a rapidly changing world.

Tom Williamson is professor of landscape history at the University of East Anglia.


Introducing Humphry Repton
1  Before Repton
2  The Shape of a Career
3  Repton in Business: Working Methods
4  The Public Landscape: ‘Character’ and ‘Appropriation’
5  Domesticity and ‘Cheerfulness’
6  Shaping Style: Influences, Contemporaries, Social Change
Epilogue: Repton’s Legacy

Photo Acknowledgements

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