Online Exhibition | Participez à la vie des académies d’art

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Announcing the exhibition:

Participez à la vie des académies d’art… Portes ouvertes de 9 à 90 ans
An online exhibition of the ACA-RES programme

Organized by Émilie Roffidal and Anne Perrin Khelissa

How were artists and craftsmen trained in French art academies in the age of Enlightenment? The virtual exhibition Participez à la vie des académies d’art. Portes ouvertes de 9 à 90 ans is now available online. The result of a collective work combining research and training, the exhibition presents a selection of works from the teaching material and artistic production of art academies and provincial art schools in the 18th century. Most of the collections from these institutions were dispersed during the French Revolution between city museums, libraries, and other heritage collections such as art schools. Painted portraits of teachers, pupils, or amateurs are included, providing a more vivid testimony of the institutions. A whole little-known part of French heritage is honoured here.

This exhibition has been developed within the framework of the ACA-RES research programme on art academies and their networks in pre-industrial France (Les Académies d’art et leurs réseaux dans la France préindustrielle) supported by the FRAMESPA UMR 5136 laboratory of the Toulouse-Jean Jaures University, the Labex SMS, the Deutsches Forum Für Kunstgeschichte of Paris and the Centre National d’Histoire de l’art.



Call for Papers | The [After]Lives of Objects

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From ArtHist.net:

The [After]Lives of Objects: Transposition in the Material World
(Online) University of Virginia Art & Architectural History Graduate Symposium, 18–19 March 2021

Proposals due by 15 December 2020

Transposition involves the movement of people, objects, and ideas from one context to another. The reverberating impacts of such regional and transregional exchanges have shaped artistic expressions, systems of knowledge, and relationships among polities. Recently, scholarship has turned to the object as a material manifestation of cross-cultural, transregional, and imperial encounters. [After]Lives is an interdisciplinary symposium that explores how transposition has materialized throughout history. How are objects changed when they are activated as mediums of encounter? In what ways do makers and users negotiate their positionality between and within societies through objects? How have artists and other creators problematized binary ideas of encounter and exchange in their works? When should adaptations be considered cultural appropriation instead of cross-cultural connectors? Can they be both? What is at stake when materials, artistic techniques, and/or technologies originating from one region are duplicated outside of that region?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
• Mediation of transcultural encounters through visual and material objects
• Processes of adaptation and assimilation in visual and material culture
• History of looting, collecting, and the art market
• Role of institutions in the (re)contextualization of objects
• Studies that problematize notions of influence, exchange, and reception across social, cultural, and artistic hierarchies
• Imperial and colonial networks of collection, trade, and exchange

We welcome submissions from graduate students at all stages and areas of study. Papers should be 20 minutes in length and will be followed by a Q&A plenary session. Papers must be original and previously unpublished. Graduate students are invited to submit a CV and an abstract (250 words) in a single PDF file by 15 December 2020 to the symposium committee at uvaartandarch@gmail.com. Applicants will be notified of decisions by 15 January 2021. Limited funds will be available to cover expenses associated with presenting at the symposium.

Keynote Speaker: Kristel Smentek, Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Architecture, MIT | Author of Mariette and the Science of the Connoisseur in Eighteenth-Century Europe (2014) and Objects of Encounter: China in Eighteenth-Century France (forthcoming).


Call for Papers | New Directions in 18th- and 19th-Century Art, Season 3

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New Directions in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century, Art Season 3
Digital Seminar Series

Abstracts due by 30 November 2020

This digital seminar series seeks to showcase new and innovative research being undertaken on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century art and its histories. We invite contributions for papers investigating any aspect of the artistic, visual, and material cultures of this period, and produced across the globe. Sessions will be hosted via video conferencing software and will take the form of a 40-minute seminar, with time following for questions.

We welcome proposals from PhD researchers, early career academics and museum professionals, particularly those from underrepresented groups. Please send your abstracts to ndencaseminar@gmail.com.

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