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From the University of Virginia Press:

Miriam Jacobson and Julie Park, eds., Organic Supplements: Bodies and Things of the Natural World, 1580–1790 (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2020), 296 pages, ISBN 978-0813944937 (hardback) / ISBN 978-0813944944 (paperback) / ISBN 978-0813944951 (Ebook), $35.

From the hair of a famous dead poet to botanical ornaments and meat pies, the subjects of this book are dynamic, organic artifacts. A cross-disciplinary collection of essays, Organic Supplements examines the interlaced relationships between natural things and human beings in early modern and eighteenth-century Europe. The material qualities of things as living organisms–and things that originate from living organisms– enabled a range of critical actions and experiences to take place for the people who wore, used, consumed, or perceived them.

Miriam Jacobson is Associate Professor of English at the University of Georgia and author of Barbarous Antiquity: Reorienting the Past in the Poetry of Early Modern England.

Julie Park is Assistant Curator and Faculty Fellow at the Special Collections Center of Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York University, and author of The Self and It: Novel Objects in Eighteenth-Century England.



Introduction: Process and Connection

Part 1. Inscription and Incorporation
• Julie Park, Feather, Flourish, and Flow: The Organic Technology of Early Modern Handwriting
• Rebecca Laroche, The Flower of Ointments and Early Modern Transcorporeality
• Kevin Lambert, The Paris Opéra as a Vibrating Body: Feeling Pygmalion’s Kiss

Part II. Interface and Merger
• Jessica Wolfe, Gorgonick Spirits: Myth, Figuration, and Mineral Vivency in the Writings of Thomas Browne
• Lynn Festa, Things with Kid Gloves
• Miriam Jacobson, Vegetable Loves: Botanical Enthrallment in Early Modern Poetry

Part III. Vitality and Decay
• Michael Yonan, Knowing the World through Rococo Ornamental Prints
• Diane Purkiss, Fingers in the Pie: Baked Meats, Adultery, and Adulteration
• Jayne Lewis, Milton’s Hair
• Julia Reinhard Lupton, Afterword: Virtuous Properties of the Organic Supplement

Notes on Contributors

Call for Papers | ECRS Series, 2021

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From ECRS:

The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminar Series
(Online) Fortnightly on Wednesdays, from 27 January to 7 April 2021

Proposals due by 15 December 2020

The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminar (ECRS) series invites proposals for twenty-minute papers from postgraduate and early career researchers addressing any aspect of eighteenth-century history, culture, literature, art, music, geography, religion, science, and philosophy. The seminar series seeks to provide a regular interdisciplinary forum for postgraduate and early career researchers working on the eighteenth century to meet and discuss their research.

ECRS will be hosted online by the University of Edinburgh. Seminars will take place on Wednesdays between 4:30 and 6:00pm on a fortnightly basis from 27 January to 7 April 2021. Each seminar will consist of two papers.

Abstracts of up to 300 words along with a brief biography and institutional affiliation should be submitted in a Word document to: edinburgh18thcentury@gmail.com. In your email, please also indicate any scheduling restrictions you may have. The closing date for submissions is Tuesday, 15 December 2020.

The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminar is kindly sponsored by the University of Edinburgh’s Eighteenth-Century and Enlightenment Studies Network.

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