CAA, 2021

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With this year’s CAA conference now underway, a quick reminder of two HECAA-sponsored sessions, one today and one tomorrow!

109th Annual Conference of the College Art Association
Online, 10–13 February 2021

The ‘Long’ Eighteenth Century?
Live Q & A online, Friday, 12 February 2021, 2.00–2:30pm (ET)
Chairs: Sarah Betzer (University of Virginia) and Dipti Khera (New York University)
• Sussan Babaie (The Courtauld Institute of Art), Architectural ‘Worlding’: Fischer von Erlach and the Eighteenth-Century Fabrication of an History of Architecture
• Andrei Pop (University of Chicago), Enlightenment as Thought Made Public: A Philosophy and a Portrait
• Meredith Gamer (Columbia University), Britain, Empire, and Execution in the Long Eighteenth Century
• Maggie Cao (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Maritime Media and the Long Eighteenth Century
• Bart Pushaw (University of Copenhagen), Poq’s Temporal Sovereignty and the Inuit Printing of Colonial History

Eco Deco: Art and the Environment in the Long Eighteenth Century
Live Q & A online, Saturday, 13 February 2021, 2.00–2.30pm (ET)
Chairs: Wendy A. Bellion (University of Delaware) and Kristel Smentek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
• Freya Gowrley, Fragmented Histories, Imperial Objects: The Specimen Table across Time and Space
• Shweta Raghu, Ebony Clothes / Ebony Bodies: Negotiating Ornament in Coromandel Coast Furniture
• Sarah Simpson Grandin (Harvard University), Trees, Orphans, and the Forgotten Figures of Savonnerie Carpet Manufacturing, 1662–1688
• Philippe Halbert (Yale University), ‘A Toilette in their Fashion’: Indigenizing the Dressing Table in France and New France

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