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Posted in books, resources by Editor on November 10, 2021

From the press relase (via Art Daily) . . .

Eli Wilner & Company has announced that the Price Guide for American and European Period Frames will be made available as a free download. The decision was reached in response to tremendous interest being shown by collectors in donating their antique frames to nonprofit cultural institutions, and in response to requests from numerous art insurance brokers for the Price Guide to be more widely available. The book is a unique reference tool, with particular value to collectors, museum professionals, academic scholars, and appraisers.

Formerly priced at $795, the current edition of the Price Guide for American and European Period Frames was released in late 2020, and constitutes a completely updated and revised version of Wilner’s first edition published in 1995 by Avon Books. The book includes a new collection of over 100 period frame images, along with descriptions and retail pricing. The prices are based on retail frame sales by Eli Wilner & Company, with a sample paid invoice featured at the beginning of each section of the book. The increasing rarity of period frames of the quality showcased here, is reflected in the high prices that these objects can fetch in a retail market. The finest examples of period frames have been sold in the marketplace for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One collector is known to have spent nearly $10 million forming a period frame collection.

As a specialist in period framing for nearly 40 years, Eli Wilner has completed over 15,000 framing projects for private collectors as well as more than 100 institutions. The Wilner gallery is held in high regard by both institutions and private collectors for our expertise, extensive inventory, and superior quality of craftsmanship. This regard and confidence is evidenced by clients such as The White House, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Yale University Art Gallery, and many private individuals. In 2019, Eli Wilner & Company was honored by the Historic Charleston Foundation with the Samuel Gaillard Stoney Conservation Craftsmanship Award, for their work in historic picture frame conservation.

The Price Guide for American and European Period Frames is available for download as a PDF file here»

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