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Posted in exhibitions by Editor on February 11, 2022

Left: Coulson Family, 2008, by Deana Lawson, pigment print, 33 × 43 inches (Getty Museum, 2021.53.2. © Deana Lawson). Right: John, Fourteenth Lord Willoughby de Broke, and His Family, ca. 1766, by Johann Zoffany, oil on canvas, 40 × 50 inches (Getty Museum, 96.PA.312).

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Closing this weekend at The Getty:

In Dialogue
Getty Center, Los Angeles, 9 November 2021 — 13 February 2022

In Dialogue is a series of temporary installations in the Museum’s permanent collection galleries. This presentation places photographs made during the past fifty years by five women from Japan, Mexico, and the United States in conversation with European paintings, decorative arts, and sculptures created predominantly by men before 1900. Through compelling and sometimes unexpected juxtapositions, these installations invite visitors to engage with diverse perspectives and recurring themes across different media, styles, cultures, and time periods. Look for photographs by Diane Arbus, Chris Enos, Deana Lawson, Asako Narahashi, and Daniela Rossell, in the North, East, and South Pavilions.

Left: Pink Roses, 1980, by Chris Enos, Polaroid dye diffusion print, 24 × 21 inches (Getty Museum, 84.XP.465. © Chris Enos). Right: Vase of Flowers, 1722, by Jan van Huysum, oil on panel, 32 × 24 inches (Getty Museum, 82.PB.70).

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