Lucky 13! Buy an Art Book

Posted in site information by Editor on June 22, 2022

As Enfilade turns 13, you all know the drill!

1) Buy an art book this week. In the world of academic art history publishing, several hundred books sold over a few days is stellar. It’s an important way to communicate that the eighteenth century is a thriving field with a vital, engaged audience. The more people who buy books addressing the eighteenth century, the easier it will be to publish your next book on the eighteenth century. Great ideas are available here.

2) Renew your HECAA membership. In the normal world $30 doesn’t really count as philanthropy. For a small academic society it does. Student memberships are just $10. More information is here.

3) Send in news you’d like to see reported. I’m glad to post announcements about conferences, forthcoming books, journal articles, exhibitions, fellowship opportunities, &c.—just about anything except job listings. CraigAshleyHanson@gmail.com.

Most importantly, thanks to you all for reading (still).

-Craig Hanson

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