Exhibition | The Revolutionary Landscape

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on July 5, 2022

From the Museum of the French Revolution:

The Revolutionary Landscape / Le paysage révolutionnaire
Musée de la Révolution française, Vizille, 1 July — 3 October 2022

Curated by Alain Chevalier

The landscape genre experienced incredible success and significant development during the 1790s. Under the cross influences of several factors, whether philosophical (Rousseau), literary (Bernardin de Saint-Pierre) or artistic (Dutch painting of the 17th century century), this enthusiasm is manifested in the annual Salons as well as in the art trade and allows artists greater freedom, far from the political concerns that they nevertheless sometimes integrate in an allusive way. Deviating from the pleasant and pleasant landscapes of the reign of Louis XV, the revolutionary landscape by its descriptive realism anticipates the future of the genre in the 19th century century and satisfies a very large clientele wishing to rediscover Nature in their interiors. From the picturesque to the invitation to a distant journey, the landscape then plays on a wide range of emotions that the exhibition reveals.

The press kit (in French) is available here»

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