New Book | China and the West: Chinese Reverse Glass Painting

Posted in books by Editor on February 2, 2023

From De Gruyter:

Elisa Ambrosio, Francine Giese, Alina Martimyanova, and Hans Bjarne Thomsen, eds., China and the West: Reconsidering Chinese Reverse Glass Painting (Berlin: De Gruyter for the VitroCentre Romont, 2022), 292 pages, ISBN: 978-3110711752, $58. With contributions by Thierry Audric, Kee Il Choi Jr., Patrick Conner, Karina H. Corrigan, Elisabeth Eibner, Patricia F. Ferguson, Lihong Liu, William H. Ma, Alina Martimyanova, Christopher L. Maxwell, Rupprecht Mayer, Jessica Lee Patterson, Michaela Pejčochová, Jérôme Samuel, Hans Bjarne Thomsen, Jan van Campen, and Rosalien van der Poel. Now digitally available for free as open access.

CoverWith contributions from outstanding specialists in glass art and East Asian art history, this edited volume opens a cross-cultural dialogue on the hitherto little-studied medium of Chinese reverse glass painting. The first major survey of this form of East Asian art, the volume traces its long history, its local and global diffusion, and its artistic and technical characteristics. Manufactured for export to Europe and for local consumption within China, the fragile artworks studied in this volume constitute a paramount part of Chinese visual culture and attest to the intensive cultural and artistic exchange between China and the West. This book is volume 1 in the series Arts du verre / Glass Art / Glaskunst.


Preface — Danielle Elisseeff

Introduction — Francine Giese, Hans Bjarne Thomsen, Elisa Ambrosio, and Alina Martimyanova

Chinese Reverse Glass Painting and Its Materiality
1  From Virtuosity to Vernacularism: Reversals of Glass Painting — Lihong Liu
2  People in Glass House: The Polite and Polished in Georgian Britain — Christopher L. Maxwell
3  Illusionistic Practices among les Arts du Feu in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Canton — Kee Il Choi Jr.
4  Light, Reflection, and Reverse Glass Painting at the Nguyên Court — William H. Ma

Trasnfer and Transmediality
5  Glass Painting in the Collection of Andreas Everardus Van Braam Houckgeest (1739–1801) — Jan van Campen
6  The Governor of Surat and the Apotheosis of Washington Cantonese Reverse Glass Paintings for Early Nineteenth-Century American Markets — Karina H. Corrigan
7  Regarding the Transfer of Vernacular Motifs and Other Common Features of Chinese New Year Prints and Chinese Reverse Glass Painting — Alina Martimyanova
8  The Nightmare Case Study of a Deliberately Inaccurate Transmission to Glass — Elisabeth Eibner

Contextual Studies of Reverse Glass Painting
9  Varieties of Replication in Chinese Reverse Glass Painting — Jessica Lee Patterson
10  Reflecting Asia: The Reception of Chinese Reverse Glass Painting in Britain, 1738–1770 — Patricia F. Ferguson
11  Japanese Reverse Glass Painting: The Other East Asian Tradition — Hans Bjarne Thomsen
12  ‘In All of Beijing, There Are No More than Four Paintings on Glass That Would Fall within Our Consideration’: Chinese Reverse Glass Paintings from Czech Collections and Their Contexts — Michaela Pejčochová

Regional Receptions of Reverse Glass Painting
13  Reflections in a Chinese Mirror: Westerners Reinterpreted in Early Cantonese Glass Painting — Patrick Conner
14  Eighteenth-Century Chinese Reverse Glass Painting in a Dutch Collection: Art and Commodity — Rosalien van der Poel
15  China and Its South Chinese Ladies on Glass and Other Topics in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Java and Bali — Jérôme Samuel

Pioneering Research in Chinese Reverse Glass Painting
16  A Brief History of Chinese Reverse Glass Painting — Thierry Audric
17  Some Styles in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Glass Painting: A First Approach — Rupprecht Mayer

List of Authors
Index of Places and People

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