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From the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca:

Christopher M.S. Johns, Tommaso Manfredi, and Karin Wolfe, eds., American Latium: American Artists and Travelers in and around Rome in the Age of the Grand Tour (Rome: Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, 2023), ISBN: 978-8897610373.

book coverThis volume brings together the proceedings of the international conference American Latium: American Artists and Travelers in and around Rome in the Age of the Grand Tour, sponsored by the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca and hosted by the Centro Studi Americani in Rome on the 7–8 June 2018, convened by Christopher M.S. Johns, Tommaso Manfredi, and Karin Wolfe. The conference examined the concept of cultural exchange between America and Rome and its surrounding territory not as a bilateral transfer of culture, but rather as an entangled and reciprocal history of cultural transmission, including the importance of London with its powerful art academies as an intermediate destination for Americans making their way to the continent. Travel to Rome engaged American artists, collectors, scientists, writers, and diplomats in dialogue with a network of European artists, intellectuals, and statesmen. The remarkable degree of cosmopolitanism found in Rome signalled its importance not simply as a cultural destination, but as a place of experiment and creativity for travelers of differing nationalities who gathered there—a place where ancient history and tradition was cross-pollinated with the experience of the modern. American Latium addresses the pioneering origins of the artistic relations between America, Rome, and its environs from the eighteenth century up until 1870. Interdisciplinary in nature, these proceedings present new, and at times unexpected, research on the experience of reciprocal cultural exchange.


Introduction — Karin Wolfe

The American Grand Tour: From Old Masters to the New World
• Copying Old Masters for the New World: American Painters in Eighteenth-Century Rome — Jonny Yarker
• James Bowdoin III and Ward Nicholas Boylston in Italy: American Collectors in the Later Eighteenth Century — Sarah Cantor
• John Singleton Copley in Rome: The Challenge of the Old Masters Accepted — Christopher M.S. Johns
• London Between America and Continental Europe: Art and Academies — Martin Postle
• The Prince and the President: Antonio Canova and Benjamin West at the Royal Academy in London — Francesco Moschini
• John Neal, the Old Masters, and the American Muse — Francesca Orestano
• ‘In the Beginning There Was the Word’: American Writings on Raphael from the Founding Fathers to the Gilded Age — Linda Wolk-Simon

American Latium: Sites and Itineraries in and around Rome
• American Itineraries in Rome and the Campagna — Fabrizio Di Marco
• A Grave in a Foreign Land: Early American Presence at the Protestant Burying-Ground in Rome — Nicholas Stanley-Price
• Thomas Cole and the Aqueducts: Plein Air Painting in the Roman Campagna — Lisa Beaven
• Thomas Cole, Desolation, and the Ruins of Rome — David R. Marshall
• Scenery Found: John Gadsby Chapman and Open- Air Oil Sketching in and around Rome, 1830–1882 — Mary K. McGuigan
• American and European Artists and Intellectuals in Nineteenth-Century Latium: The ‘School of the Castelli Romani’ and the Locanda Martorelli in Ariccia — Francesco Petrucci
• Living and Creating in Antiquity: Roman Residences and Studios of Thomas Gibson Crawford, William Wetmore Story, and Moses Jacob Ezekiel — Pier Paolo Racioppi

Americans and the Artistic Culture of Rome: Toward an American Art
• Americans on the Grand Tour and Angelica Kauffman in Rome — Wendy Wassyng Roworth
• Championing Liberty: The Roman Sculptor Giuseppe Ceracchi in Britain and in America — Karin Wolfe
• The Rome of Charles Bulfinch — Tommaso Manfredi
• Thomas Jefferson: Rome in America — Maria Cristina Loi
• A Painter and Diplomat: The Two Careers of James Edward Freeman and Their Correspondences — John F. McGuigan Jr
• Forgotten Fervor: Paul Akers in Rome — Arlene Palmer
• Undressing America: Nineteenth-Century Expatriate Sculptors in Rome and the Problem of Nudity — Kevin Salatino

In Memoriam and Acknowledgements

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