CAA 2011, New York

The 2011 College Art Association conference takes place in New York, February 9-12, at the Hilton New York. HECAA will be represented by two panels and a reception, as listed here. The following sessions may also be of interest for dix-huitièmistes. A full list of panels is available here»


New Scholars Session
Thursday, February 10, 12:30–2:00; Beekman Parlor, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chair: Heidi Anne Strobel (University of Evansville)

  1. Susan M. Wager (Columbia University), “Madame de Pompadour’s Indiscreet Jewels: Boucher, Reproduction, and Luxury in Eighteenth-Century France”
  2. Heidi E. Kraus (University of Iowa), “Reflections on Civilization: Architecture and Memory in David’s Sabine Women
  3. Kristina Kleutghen (Harvard University), “Staging Europe: Theatricality and Painting at the Chinese Imperial Court”
  4. Sally Grant (University of Sydney), “Garden Chambers and Global Spaces: Giandomenico Tiepolo’s Chinoiserie Room at the Villa Valmarana”
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HECAA Reception
Thursday, February 10, 5:30-–8:30; Lincoln Suite, 4th Floor, Hilton New York (note revised time to accommodate the ASECS affiliate session)

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The Global Eighteenth Century
Saturday, February 12, 9:30–12:00; Regent Parlor, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Kristel Smentek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Meredith Martin (Wellesley College)

    1. Elisabeth Fraser (University of South Florida), “Miniatures in Black and White: Melling’s Eighteenth-Century Istanbul”
    2. Daniel McReynolds (Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts), “A Venetian Abroad: Andrea Memmo and the Architecture of Diplomacy in Eighteenth-Century Istanbul”
    3. Chanchal Dadlani (Columbia University), “Between History, Ethnography, and Autobiography: The Gentil Album (1774) and Artistic Production in Eighteenth-Century India”
    4. Michele Matteini (Reed College), “The Market for Exotica in Eighteenth-Century Beijing: A View from Liulichang”
    5. Kevin Chua (Texas Tech University), “Macartney’s Globe, or Cartographic Refusal in 1793″

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Architecture, Space, and Power in the Early Modern Ibero-American World
Wednesday, February 9, 2:30–5:00; Gramercy B, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Jesús Escobar (Northwestern University) and Michael Schreffler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

  1. Barbara Mundy (Fordham University), “Centers and Peripheries in Sixteenth-Century Mexico City”
  2. Stella Nair (University of California, Riverside), “From Inca Pampa to Spanish Plaza: Theatrical Politics and the Transformation of Imperial Public Space, 1480-1780″
  3. Catherine Wilkinson Zerner (Brown University), “The Visionary Spatial World of the Ibero-American Retable Altarpiece”
  4. Sabina de Cavi (Vlaams Academisch Centrum, Brussels), “Natione Italiana: Architecture of the Italian Minorities in Philippine Iberia (1580-1640)”
  5. Victor Deupi (Fairfield University), “Santissima Trinità degli Spagnoli and Ibero-American Patronage in Eighteenth-Century Rome”

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American Society for Hispanic Art Historical Studies: Rereading Spanish Early Modern Art Theory
Thursday, February 10, 9:30–12:00; Gramercy B, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Giles Knox (Indiana University) and Carmen Ripolles (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

  1. Alejandra Giménez-Berger, “Aesthetics of Ideology in Felipe de Guevara’s Comentarios de la Pintura
  2. Rebecca J. Long, “Italian Artists within the Spanish System”
  3. Melody Maxted-Wittry, “Knowing Nature: Artistic Production, Scientific Inquiry, and Catholic Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Spain”
  4. Ellen Prokop, “The Body of the Artist: An Anatomy of Faith in Early Modern Spain”
  5. Ray Hernández-Durán (University of New Mexico), “Francisco Pacheco in Sor Juana’s Library: Miguel Cabrera and the Academy in Eighteenth-Century New Spain”

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Representing Gothic
Thursday, February 10, 9:30–12:00; East Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Stephen Murray, Columbia University; Andrew J. Tallon, Vassar College

  1. Robert Bork (University of Iowa), “Speaking the Un-Speakable: Drawings, Texts, and the Explication of Gothic Design”
  2. Sarah Guérin (Columbia University), “Micro-Architectural Representation on Gothic Ivories”
  3. Michèle Hannoosh (University of Michigan), “Michelet and the Gothic: Architecture and the Writing of History in Nineteenth-Century France”
  4. Matilde Mateo (Syracuse University), “Re-Inventing the Gothic Grove: Recent Metamorphoses in Landscape Art, Science Fiction, and Animated Film”
  5. Matthew Reeve (Queen’s University), “Queer Gothic: Representing the Gothic at Walpole’s Strawberry Hill”

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Historians of British Art: Seeing through the Medium
Thursday, February 10, 12:30–2:00; Sutton Parlor South, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Imogen Hart (Yale Center for British Art) and Catherine Roach (Cornell University)

  1. Holly Shaffer (Yale University), “Ta’ziyeh: Reference and Resemblance in North Indian Ephemeral Shrines, 1770-1830″
  2. Andrew Stephenson (University of East London), “Ciné-Texts: The Permeability of Modern Art, Film, and Snapshot Cultures in 1920s-1930s London”
  3. Elyse Speaks (University of Notre Dame), “Dissolution, Disillusion, and Deflation: Damien Hirst’s Double Act”

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Rococo, Late-Rococo, Post-Rococo: Art, Theory, and Historiography
Thursday, February 10, 2:30–5:00; Sutton Parlor Center, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Melissa Hyde (University of Florida) and Katie Scott (Courtauld Institute of Art)

  1. Colin Bailey (The Frick Collection), “A Casualty of Style? Reconsidering Fragonard’s Progress of Love from the Frick Collection”
  2. Satish Padiyar (Courtauld Institute of Art), “Between Early and Late: Fragonard as a Late Rococo Artist”
  3. Elizabeth Mansfield (New York University), “Rococo Republicanism”
  4. Marika Knowles (Yale University), “Pierrot’s Periodicity: Watteau, Nadar, and the Circulation of the Rococo”
  5. Allison Unruh (independent scholar, New York), “Warhol’s Rococo”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies: Cosmopolitanism and Art in the Eighteenth Century
Thursday, February 10, 5:30–7:00; Petit Trianon, 3rd Floor, Hilton New York
Chair: Jennifer Milam (University of Sydney) — This session is dedicated to Angela Rosenthal

  1. Jeffrey Collins (Bard Graduate Center)
  2. Alicia Weisberg-Roberts (The Walters Art Gallery)
  3. Michael Yonan (University of Missouri)
  4. Jill Cassid (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  5. Mark Cheetham (University of Toronto)
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Historians of British Art: Young Scholars Session
Friday, February 11, 7:30-9:00am; Bryant Suite, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chair: Colette Crossman (Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin)

  1. Amanda Lahikainen (Brown University), “‘British Asignats’: Satirical Representation and the Politicization of Paper Currency in 1797”
  2. Keren Hammerschlag (King’s College London), “Artistic Scientists and Scientific Artists at the British Royal Academy 1860-1900”
  3. Emily V. Davis (Virginia Commonwealth University), “British Literary Periodicals Transform the Female Form in Turn-of-the-Century Glasgow”

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New Approaches to the Study of Fashion and Costume in Western Art, 1650–1900
Friday, February 11, 2:30–5:00; Clinton Suite, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Helen Burnham (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) and Justine De Young (Harvard University)

  1. Kathleen Nicholson (University of Oregon), “When Isn’t Fashion Fashion? Late Seventeenth-Century French Fashion Prints and Dress in Portraiture”
  2. Amelia Rauser (Franklin and Marshall College), “Neoclassical Fashion in Art and Life in the 1790s”
  3. Heather Belnap Jensen (Brigham Young University), “Materializing the Maternal Body in Post-Revolutionary Fashion”
  4. Jennifer W. Olmsted (Wayne State University), “Fashioning Masculinity: Portraiture, Costume, and the Juste Milieu”
  5. Alison McQueen (McMaster University), “Empress Eugénie and Representations of Fashion in Second Empire France”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

American Society for Hispanic Art Historical Studies: New Perspectives on Spanish Drawings 1500-1900
Friday, February 11, 5:30–7:00; Gibson Room, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chair: Lisa A. Banner (independent scholar)

  1. José Manuel Matilla (Museo Nacional del Prado), “Recently Acquired Albums and Sketchbooks at the Prado”
  2. Zahira Véliz (independent scholar and curator), “Designing the Ensemble: An Altarpiece Drawing by Alonso Cano”
  3. José Manuel de la Mano (independent scholar, Madrid), “Mariano Salvador Maella: Problems of a Catalogue Raisonné and Exhibition”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Imitation, Copy, Reproduction, Replication, Repetition, and Appropriation, Part I
Saturday, February 12, 9:30–12:00; Madison Suite, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Malcolm Baker (University of California, Riverside) and Paul Duro (University of Rochester)

  1. Maria Loh (University College London), “Time Is Out of Joint: Resetting the Laocoön”
  2. Lisa Pon (Southern Methodist University), “The Printed Image in the Age of Miraculous Reproduction”
  3. Ronit Milano (Ben-Gurion University, “Self vs. Collective Identity: The Reproduction of Portrait Busts in Eighteenth-Century France”
  4. Douglas Fordham (University of Virginia), “The ‘Real Spaces’ of Eighteenth-Century Prints”
  5. Tom Huhn (School of Visual Arts), “Reflections on the Imitation of Winckelmann”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Cultural Appropriation, Part II
Saturday, February 12, 9:30–12:00; Concourse G, Concourse Level, Hilton New York
Chairs: Elizabeth K. Mix (Butler University) and Gabriel P. Weisberg (University of Minnesota)

  1. Annika Johnson (University of Minnesota), “Cahier d’Oiseaux Chinois: The French and Fantastic Appropriation in the Chinoiseries of Jean-Baptiste Pillement”
  2. Colette Apelian (Berkeley City College), “Bhabha’s Cultural Hybridity and Early Twentieth-Century Modifications of Fez, Morocco”
  3. Susanne Slavick (Carnegie Mellon University), “Erasure, Eternal Return, and Empathic Restitution”
  4. Chisato O. Dubreuil (St. Bonaventure University), “A New Look at the Costs of the Cultural Appropriation of Canada’s Traditional Totem Poles”
  5. A. Joan Saab (University of Rochester), “America Tropical and the Multi-Sited Mural”

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Historians of British Art: Radical Neo: The Past in the Present in British Art and Design
Saturday, February 12, 9:30–12:00; Bryant Suite, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York
Chairs: Jason Rosenfeld (Marymount Manhattan College) and Tim Barringer (Yale University)

  1. Zirwat Chowdhury (Northwestern University), “The Elephanta in the Room: Indian Antiquity and British Antiquarianism in the Late Eighteenth Century
  2. Ayla Lepine (Courtauld Institute of Art), “Manifesting the Rule: Designing for Monasticism in Victorian Oxford”
  3. Katherine Faulkner (Courtauld Institute of Art), “Domestic Dreams and Utopian Idylls: Medieval Dress in the Work of William Reynolds-Stephens”
  4. Lee Hallman (The Graduate Center, City University of New York), “Unseen Landscapes: Paul Nash and the Geography of History”
  5. Mark A. Cheetham (University of Toronto), “Yinka Shonibare’s Enlightenment: Revising British Art for the Twenty-First Century”