Call for Papers: French History & Civilization

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Please note the following CFP for the Rudé seminar in 2010. As a member of the organising committee, I am interested in increasing the number of art historical and visual culture papers at the conference. There is always some participation from scholars in the field, but it would be good to have more. I encourage colleagues working on French topics to submit proposals. If you would like more information, please write to me.

Julie Plax

17th George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilization
University of Sydney, 14-16 July 2010

Proposals due by 1 December 2009

Every two years, the George Rudé Seminar brings together specialists in French history and other areas of French studies from Australia and New Zealand with colleagues from around the world for a major conference.  A selection of papers from the biannual conferences is now published in peer-reviewed format on H-France. The 2010 Rudé Seminar will be held at the University of Sydney. Among the featured guests will be Professor Olivier Wieviorka from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Cachan), author of numerous works on twentieth-century French history. The general theme of the 2010 Seminar is History and Memory. However, paper proposals are invited on any area of French history, or on subjects in other areas of French studies with an historical perspective.  In general, speakers will have twenty minutes for delivery, and papers may be presented in either English or French. If speakers are interested in their papers being considered for publication, they should be ready to submit a complete version of their texts (of 8000 words maximum) at the time of the conference.

The registration form with payment details and other information can be downloaded here. This is the second call for papers.  Proposals should include a tentative title, a one-paragraph summary of the paper, a one-paragraph biographical note on the speaker and full contact details.  They should be addressed by 1 December 2009 to: rude.2010@usyd.edu.au. Please also send your contact details if you would like to be put on the mailing list. The organising committee for the Rudé Seminar includes Robert Aldrich, Liz Rechniewski, Jennifer Milam, Julie-Anne Plax, Briony Neilson, Margaret Sankey, Glenda Sluga, and Bronwyn Winter.

Site Logistics

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Editor’s Note

October was another record-breaking month for HECAA’s Enfilade, with over 2600 individual visitors and 243 visits from return readers. Both numbers are important. The former points to the site’s ability to attract an ever-widening audience while the latter suggests the degree to which there’s a genuine match between visitors’ interests and the site’s content (it’s encouraging to see continued increases in both numbers). For HECAA members, this means there is a substantial audience for your submissions. So by all means, send in announcements and updates on your work!

ampreis_neuEarlier this week, Enfilade was honored with an Amadeus Award from the Official Weblog of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart! Blogs set in the twenty-first century are all well and good, but the potential for historical figures’ uses of digital formats is especially intriguing. One can, for instance, now follow John Quincy Adams on Twitter. I know of no eighteenth-century artists or collectors with equivalent sites, though it’s easy to imagine such a thing (please send in links if you know of any examples). Danke schön, Herr Mozart!

Finally, I’ve included below excerpts from a message from the Great Minds at WordPress.com, the platform on which Enfilade is built. The memo underscores their committment to adapting WordPress sites to viewers’ patterns of use, including mobile devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry (in fact, Enfilade now looks terrific on the former). Thanks again to everyone for reading.

Craig Hanson

New smartphones do a great job with most web sites, but older phones have many problems and may not display anything at all. Today we’re launching a couple of mobile themes that will automatically be displayed when your blog is accessed with a compatible mobile phone. The first theme is a modification of WPtouch and will be displayed to phones with modern web browsers like those on the iPhone and Android phones. The second theme was developed from an older version of the WordPress Mobile Edition and will be displayed to all other mobile devices. Mobile visitors greeted by WPtouch will get easy access to posts, pages, and archives. They’ll get fancy AJAX commenting and post loading. . . .  When viewing your blog on other phones, the focus will be on loading the blog quickly while displaying the important information about your content.

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