A Fine Time to Be in Belgium, Too

Posted in on site, opportunities by Editor on September 3, 2010

Open Monumentendag Vlaanderen / Heritage Days
Belgium, 12 September 2010

Open Monumentendag Vlaanderen (Heritage Day Flanders) is the holiday for the entire heritagein Dutch-speaking Belgium. It is held every second Sunday of September. On that day all the famous and not-so-famous patrimony of Flanders opens its doors for the general public. But it is not just monuments that are in the spotlights, also archaeological sites and landscapes occupy centre stage. Not only can you admire some of Flanders’ most exciting heritage, but there are also loads of activities, for young and old, presented to you as well (this includes exhibitions, walks, bicycle tours and much more). Every year we highlight one specific topic. This changes the wide variety of activities we offer you every year and it also makes sure that Open Monumentendag will never cease to amaze you. And what is more: all the visits and activities during Open Monumentendag are free of charge!

This year Open Monumentendag takes place on Sunday September 12. The theme of this year’s edition will be The Four Elements. So it will be earth, wind, water and fire that determine the programme. You can find the detailed schedule of the day here.

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