‘Empires of the Imagination’ — British Politics, War, and the Arts

Posted in books by Editor on September 12, 2010

Apollo Magazine’s book competition:

We are pleased to announce that our new competition prize is Empires of the Imagination, Politics, War, and the Arts in the British World, 1750–1850 by Holger Hoock (Profile Books, £30). Over the course of the century after 1750, Britain evolved from a substantial international power into a global superpower and a leading cultural force in Europe. Empires of the Imagination illuminates the manifold ways in which the cultures of power were interwoven in this period of dramatic change. Drawing on a broad range of textual sources and material culture, Hoock combines scholarly analysis with a lively narrative style to revise our understanding of the cultural role of the Hanoverian and early Victorian British state. For your chance to win simply answer the following question and submit your details below before midday on 16th September 2010:

In which Cathedral is Sir Joshua Reynolds buried?

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Maya Jasanoff reviewed Empires of the Imagination for The Guardian back in March. Jacob Glicklich provides a scholarly response at Reviews in History.

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