Conference: The British Monarchy and Modernity

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Currently closed for the final phase of a £12m transformation, Kensington Palace will re-open on 26 March 2012. The conference would seem to offer an ideal way to see it. From the conference website:

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The Making of a Monarchy for the Modern World
Kensington Palace, London, 6-8 June 2012

There will soon be only five kings left – the Kings of Diamonds, Heart, Spades and Clubs, and the King of England.
– King Farouk of Egypt

For this conference our big theme is the British monarchy and its relationship to the modern world. Papers will address a range of inter-related topics covering the period from 1688 to the present day, including:

  • the difference between British and Continental monarchies
  • the global reach of the British monarchy
  • the relationship between royalty and the media
  • monarchical dress and material culture
  • the portrayal of monarchs in film and theatre

Delegates will also have the opportunity to attend an exclusive
tour of Kensington Palace, a musical performance and a gala
dinner in the King’s State Apartments.

Keynote speakers for the conference are:
Professor Sir David Cannadine (Princeton University)
Professor Maya Jasanoff (Harvard University)
Professor Emeritus Aileen Ribeiro (Courtauld Institute of Art)

A full programme is available here»

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Note (added 1 July 2012) — Many of the presentations are now available as podcasts from the Historic Royal Palaces and some for viewing at YouTube.

Wiebenson Prize Deadline Approaching Soon

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Each year HECAA awards the Wiebenson Prize for an outstanding graduate student paper presented during the previous calendar year at a scholarly conference or as a sponsored lecture. Announced at HECAA’s annual luncheon (each spring at ASECS), the prize includes modest remuneration.

The prize is named for Dr. Wiebenson, Professor Emerita at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

By 15 February 2012, each applicant should submit an electronic copy of the paper for consideration – as read, without notes, but with illustrations – to Julie Plax, who will then forward the submissions to an ad hoc committee responsible for selecting the winner. Honorable mention is also an option for papers of distinction not chosen for the prize. Recipients must be HECAA members in good standing.


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