The 2012 Issue of ‘The Walpole Society’

Posted in journal articles by Editor on May 18, 2012

The Walpole Society 74 (2012)

• Rodney Griffiths, “The Life and Works of Edward Haytley (1713-1762),” pp. 1-60.
• Jason M. Kelly, “Letters from a Young Painter Abroad: James Russel in Rome, 1747-53,” pp. 61-164.
• Andrew Graciano, “The Memoir of Benjamin Wilson FRS (1721-1788): Painter and Electrical Scientist,” 165-244.
• Hugh Brigstocke, “The Journals and Accounts of James Irvine in Italy (1802-1806): Art Dealing and Speculation for William Buchanan, Arthur Champernowne and Alexander Gordon,” 245-432.

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