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In addition to the regular session chaired by Julie Codell on ‘Parallel Lines Converging: Art, Design, and Fashion Histories’, the Historians of British Art is sponsoring a 90-minute session on ‘British Visual Culture and the Levant’ at the annual meeting of the College Art Association in New York, 13-16 February 2013. Whereas the deadline for proposals for regular sessions was May 4, the due date for this panel is not until September 1. Moreover, as an additional, short session, not subject to the regular CAA purview, neither CAA membership nor CAA conference registration is required for speakers or for those attending the panel. All participants are, however, required to be members of HBA. Please direct any questions to the chairs, Eleanor Hughes and Christine Riding. -CH

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CAA 2013 | HBA Affiliate Session: British Visual Culture and the Levant, 1600-1830
New York, 13-16 February 2013

Proposals due by 1 September 2012

This panel aims to address a variety of ways in which interactions between Britain and the Levant were reflected in contemporary visual and material culture during the two centuries before professional artists such as John Frederick Lewis and David Roberts began traveling to Egypt and the Holy Land in search of subject matter. The Levant is here defined as the countries of the eastern Mediterranean–roughly corresponding to present-day Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya–which for much of the period fell under the control of the Ottoman Empire. We welcome papers addressing a wide range of topics, including illustrated travel accounts, the exchange of commodities and customs, scholarly expeditions and the rediscovery of classical and biblical sites, the reception and use of middle-eastern imagery by British artists, and the geo-political importance of the region as mediated in visual representations, as well as those that might address broader questions relating to imperialism and orientalism.

Please submit a CV and a 250-word abstract to Eleanor Hughes (eleanor.hughes@yale.edu) and Christine Riding (criding@nmm.ac.uk).

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