Display | Citizens of the World: David Hume and Allan Ramsay

Posted in anniversaries, exhibitions by Editor on August 2, 2012

On this day, August 10th, of 1784 Allan Ramsay died at the age of 70; October 2013 marks the tercentennial of his birth. From the Scottish National Portrait Gallery:

Citizens of the World: David Hume and Allan Ramsay
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 1 December 2011 — 31 December 2015

Scotland made a remarkable contribution to the European Enlightenment of the eighteenth century with many of her citizens contributing to the ferment of ideas and shifts in attitude which transformed the world. Two Scots, David Hume, the great philosopher, and Allan Ramsay, the outstanding painter, were at the centre of this cultural and intellectual revolution. This display explores their world, their friends, their families and their patrons.

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