Attingham Offerings for 2013

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In 2013 the Attingham Trust for the Study of Historic Houses and Collections will offer three courses: the three-week Summer School (5-22 July), the nine-day Royal Collection Studies (1-10 September), and the nine-day Study Programme (12-20 September). Whereas the first two courses follow similar itineraries each year, the Study Week is set in a different location each year, and its timing varies as well. 2013 will offer an in-depth study of the Norfolk Country House, corresponding with the upcoming William Kent exhibition (at the Bard Graduate Center in the fall of 2013 before appearing at the V&A in 2014) and taking advantage of the summer exhibition Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great’s Hermitage, which will reassemble the collection of Sir Robert Walpole in its eighteenth-century home of Houghton Hall (it’s a safe bet that the course will include special, private viewing opportunities for a show that’s sure to be crowded much of the summer). The Study Week will be directed by Andrew Moore, the former Keeper of Art at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, and the co-editor of A Capital Collection: Houghton Hall and the Hermitage (Yale UP, 2002). -CH

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From the Attingham Trust:

Attingham Trust Course Offerings for 2013
Application due dates vary according to the programme, starting 31 January 2013

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Attingham Study Programme — The Norfolk Country House: Collections and Networks

THE ATTINGHAM STUDY PROGRAMME is a strenuous and stimulating nine-day course studying historic houses and their collections. Based in specific regions of Britain and often abroad, a wide range of houses, many of them private, are visited in the company of tutors. The architecture, gardens and interiors, including collections of paintings, furniture and other decorative arts, are studied within a context of social and cultural history. It is intended for museum curators, lecturers, architects, conservationists and others with a keen interest in the fine and decorative arts. Accommodation is in modest hotels where lectures are also given. Some full and partial scholarships are available.

The eastern wetlands and broad skies of Norfolk boast a landscape which was the inspiration behind the first regional School of painting in Britain, together with an array of classic country houses that few other English regions can equal. The county’s close proximity to London placed it in the pole position of England’s second city from the medieval period, until the coming of the railways reduced the centrality of its agrarian economy. The 15th-century origins of the moated manor house of OXBURGH HALL and the privately owned Tudor pile of EAST BARSHAM survive today as testimony of the earlier period.

The focus of the 2013 programme will be two great Palladian houses still in private hands, both with magnificent interiors and furnishings by William Kent. The quintessential Grand Tour house, HOLKHAM HALL will feature seminars on the library, archive, silver, textiles and sculpture. We also visit HOUGHTON HALL, the country palace that Sir Robert Walpole controversially built to house his great collection of European master paintings and classical sculpture while based at 10 Downing Street as first minister successively to both George I and George II. This visit will also include seminars on paintings and textiles, visits to the private Picture Gallery and the contemporary sculpture within the park, together with the newly established gardens in memory of Sybil Cholmondeley.

The programme, based in the heart of the medieval market town and seaport of KING’S LYNN in West Norfolk, will also visit the city of NORWICH, and will include tours of the historic built environment of both centres, with their merchant houses and guildhalls. Seminars in NORWICH CASTLE will focus on Norwich Silver and the redisplayed Colman galleries featuring the paintings of Norwich School of Artists. The course plans to feature significant private houses, including RAYNHAM HALL, seat of the Townshend family, which also features the work of William Kent, and NARFORD HALL, home to successive generations of the Fountaine family.

Additional information about all three courses is available here»

Exhibition | Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces

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More than sixty paintings from the Hermitage will spend the summer of 2013 back at Houghton Hall. The exhibition curator Thierry Morel will be in New York providing a preview at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday, 7 December 2012, at 6pm.

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From the exhibition website:

Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great’s Hermitage
Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 17 May — 29 September 2013 [extended to 24 November]

Curated by Thierry Morel

Colen Campbell, James Gibbs, and William Kent, Houghton Hall,
Norfolk, 1722-35 (Photo: 2008, Wikimedia Commons)

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The magnificent art collection of Great Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, sold to Catherine the Great to adorn the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, is reassembled in its spectacular original setting, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, for the first time in over 200 years.

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From the Mail Online (6 October 2012) . . .

Lord Cholmondeley is about to announce plans to stage a very special exhibition next year that will see the triumphant, if temporary, return to the house of about 60 old master paintings from Sir Robert Walpole’s once celebrated collection, the bulk of which was sold to Catherine the Great of Russia in 1779 and which to this day remains one of the greatest treasures of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. To provide an authentic and breathtaking backdrop for the pictures, the principal rooms of the house will be restored to their exact appearance of the early 1740s, a time when Walpole was at the height of his powers. . .

The full article is available here»

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