Call for Papers | Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on May 18, 2013

The editors of Eighteenth-Century Fiction are interested in publishing occasional ‘image essays’ and welcome proposals. These pieces are often shorter than the average ECF research article, with some latitude for essay-like musings. Image essays complement the expanded mandate of Eighteenth-Century Fiction, which includes various media and cultural studies and provides ECF readers with examples of the editors’ very broad definition of ‘fiction’. Ideas and proposals can be submitted to ecf@mcmaster.ca.

Examples of past ECF image essays can be found here:

• Frank Felsenstein, “Unravelling Ann Mills: Some Notes on Gender Construction and Naval Heroism,” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 19.1 (2006), here»

• Maximillian E. Novak, “The Cave and the Grotto: Realist Form and Robinson Crusoe’s Imagined Interiors” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 20.3 (2008). here»

• and most of the recent special issue, Gestes admirables, ou la culture visuelle de l’imprimé, Eighteenth-Century Fiction 23.4 (2011).

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