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Posted in conferences (to attend) by Editor on June 24, 2013

From the symposium website:

Eighteenth-Century Gothick Symposium
University of Oxford, 7 August 2013

gothickThe Gothick Revival in eighteenth-century Britain is a multi-faceted phenomenon, simultaneously liminal and mainstream, historical and modern, whimsical and serious. This international and interdisciplinary symposium is supported by the Georgian Group and the University of Oxford, and comes thirty years after the landmark Gothick conference held by the Georgian Group at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. It will bring together current high-quality research by scholars and students on the revival and explore its many dimensions.

Conference registration is now open. Further details can be found on the symposium’s website.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Oleksandr Golozubov, Laughter and Evil in the English Pre-Romanticism

Alice Labourg, The Pictorial Gothic in Ann Radcliffe’s Novels: From Decorative Details to Picturesque Tableaux

Jenny McAuley, English Literature and the Eighteenth-Century Gothic Revival: The Example of Ann Radcliffe

Thomas Willette, Horace Walpole’s Gothick Cellini

Cathryn Spence, King Alfred’s Hall, Cirencester

Oliver Cox, Back in the Summer of ’69 — Alfred’s Castle and Alfred’s Tower

Ruth Musielak, Gothic and Classical: Gothic Ornaments at Marino, Co Dublin

Peter N. Lindfield, Dicky Bateman, Shobdon Church and Kentian Gothic: The Great Mystery

Jonathan Kewley, Eighteenth-Century Gothick in the Regency: The Career of Thomas Brine

Jean-Marie Guillouët, Pursuing Historiographical Myths during the Eighteenth Century: English and Irish Art Historians and the Late Gothic Architecture in the Iberian Peninsula

Dustin Frazier, Samuel Pegge: A Reassessment

James Marsden, Thomas Leland, Gothic Novelist, Gothic Historian and Classical Educator

Philip Aspin, Enlightened Reactionaries? Gothic Revival thought in late Georgian England

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