Call for Papers | The English Urban Renaissance Revisited

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on November 5, 2013

From the Call for Papers:

The English Urban Renaissance Revisited
A Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, 18 July 2014

Proposals due by 1 February 2014

coverIn 1989 OUP published Peter Borsay’s The English Urban Renaissance: Culture and Society in the Provincial Town 1600–1770. 2014 will therefore mark the 25th anniversary of this seminal text in urban cultural history. It inspired a new generation of researchers and developed some of the key themes that have since dominated the historiography of the ‘long’ eighteenth century:

•    importance of provincial towns in the long eighteenth century as hubs of economic, cultural and political activity
•    the strength and vitality of urban culture beyond the metropolis
•    the transformation of the provincial urban townscape

This symposium is an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary and to:

•    reflect on how eighteenth-century urban and cultural history has developed since 1989
•    consider ‘urban renaissances’ in other European countries
•    discuss new directions and possible collaborations

Papers (of 20 minutes’ duration) are invited on topics relevant to these themes. Please email proposals (300 words max) plus a brief biographical statement (60 words max) to John Hinks jh241@le.ac.uk and Roey Sweet rhs4@le.ac.uk by 1 February 2014.

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