Call for Papers | Art, Music, and Spectacle, 1400–1800

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on November 25, 2013

From the session Call for Papers for the 2014 Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies:

Intersection of Art, Music, and Spectacle, 1400–1800
Second Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St Louis, 16–18 June 2014

Proposals due by 15 December 2013

Art, music, and spectacle in the Early Modern period intersect on multiple levels: sharing similar themes, formal characteristics, patrons, and artists; drawing on similar sources, from mythologies to religious texts; sharing the same physical space; and appealing to similar audiences—secular and sacred, public and private. Music and the visual arts also paralleled one another in their functions, creating avenues for developing national style, for codifying devotional practices, or for propagandistic positioning.

This panel seeks to open up a discourse on the intersection of music, spectacle, and the visual arts in order both to showcase the breadth of possibility for topics and to spark conversations between scholars interested in interdisciplinary studies. We invite presentation proposals from scholars at all levels (graduate students, as well as more advanced faculty) that address any type of connection between art, music, or spectacle in the Early Modern period. In addition to more traditional studies of patronage, iconography, and artistic collaboration, we welcome papers addressing more theoretical approaches, such as constructions of space, mnemonics and memory, sensory and phenomenological experience. The panel seeks to incorporate papers from a variety of disciplines—art history, musicology, theater and dance history, performative studies, etc.—and from a variety of geographic and historical periods.

Nicole N. Conti, nicolenconti@umn.edu

The complete call for papers is available here»

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