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Posted in books, catalogues by Editor on July 25, 2014
15285941-standard            Home of Leslie Ann Miller and her husband, Richard Worley, photo from The Patriot News

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From Scala:

Leslie Anne Miller and Alexandra Kirtley, Start with a House, Finish with a Collection (New York: Scala Arts Publishers, 2014), 272 pages, ISBN: 978-1857599190, $75.

9781857599190_p0_v3_s600Start with a House, Finish with a Collection is the story of how a couple’s use of American art and antiques evolved from furnishing a house into a full-blown passion for collecting. Featuring exquisite examples of Hollingsworth and Morris family furniture, Weber boxes, Pennsylvania clocks and Kirk-Stieff silver, as well as American paintings by the Peale family, Edward Hicks, Edward Redfield and Horace Pippin, this museum-caliber collection reveals a pride in the early American sensibility. The combination of text and extraordinary photographs traces this remarkable journey and demonstrates that life can be more than comfortable living among these collections. The compendium catalogues the diversified and important collection, making this a valuable scholarly reference as well as a reading pleasure.

Leslie Anne Miller, a Philadelphia attorney and community leader, has been collecting American art and antiques with her husband Richard Worley for more than 25 years. Alexandra Kirtley is The Montgomery-Garvan Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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