New Book | Style and Satire: Fashion in Print, 1777–1927

Posted in books by Editor on September 10, 2014

From Artbooks.com:

Catherine Flood and Sarah Grant, Style and Satire: Fashion in Print, 1777–1927 (London: V&A Publishing, 2014), 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1851778034, £13 / $20.

9781851778034_p0_v1_s600From the sky-high coiffures of Marie Antoinette to Victorian hoop skirts, from the sheer gowns of Pride and Prejudice era to the flat-chested 1920s flapper, Style and Satire tells the story of European fashion and its most extreme trends through lavish fashion plates and the glorious satirical prints they inspired.

Beautifully printed, hand-colored fashion plates first appeared in magazines and for sale individually in the late 18th century. At the same time (and often by the same artists), satirical prints gloried in the absurdities of fashion, presenting an alternative, often humorously exaggerated, vision of the fash­ionable ideal. Both forms were a product of the same print market, and both documented modern life. Lavishly illustrated, Style and Satire presents a witty and original history of fashion trends.

Catherine Flood is a prints curator, and Sarah Grant is a curator in the Word and Image Department of the V&A.

A digital preview is available here»

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