Conference | The Art Market, Collectors, and Agents

Posted in conferences (to attend) by Editor on May 18, 2016

From the Seminar on Collecting and Display:

The Art Market, Collectors, and Agents: Then and Now
The Warburg Institute, London, 13 July 2016

Registration due by 11 July 2016

Organized by the Collecting and Display Seminar Group, which is based at the Institute of Historical Research in London. For booking, please email agent.candd2016@gmail.com. A further 2-day conference will take place in Paris in October 2016.

10.00  Registration and coffee

10.15  Introduction

10.30 Session I
• Annemarie Jordan Gschwend — Statesman, Art Agent and Connoisseur: Hans Kevenhüller, Imperial Ambassador at the Court of Philip II of Spain
• Taryn Marie Zarrillo — Marco Boschini and Paolo del Sera: Art Dealers, Advisors and Associates in Seicento Venice
• Michael Wenzel — Sales Strategies of Philipp Hainhofer’s Art Cabinets: The Self-Marketing of Artworks in Early Seventeenth-Century Germany
• Sandra van Ginhoven — The Business Strategies of Guilliam Forchondt’s Art Dealership in Antwerp, 1643–78
• Ulf R. Hansson — ‘An Oracle for Collectors’: Philipp von Stosch and the Collecting and Dealing in Antiquities in Early Eighteenth-Century Rome and Florence

13.00  Lunch

14.00  Session 2
• Maria Celeste Cola — Scottish Agents in Rome in the Eighteenth Century: The Case of Peter Grant
• Christine Godfroy-Gallardo — Establishing Honest Trading Relationships: The Guillaume Martin Case
• Robert Skwirblies — Edward Solly, Felice Cartoni and Their Purchases of Paintings: A ‘Milord’ and His ‘Commissioner’ Creating a Transnational Network of Dealers, ca. 1820
• Lukas Fuchsgruber — Otto Mündler, 9 rue Laval, Paris
• Lynn Catterson — The Mysterious Maurice de Bosdari, a Would-Be Agent of Stefano Borden

16.30  Tea

17.30  Session 3
• Julie Codell — Agent-Scholar Martin Birnbaum (1878–1970): Modernizing the Agent
• Nicola Foster — The Case of Uli Sigg: Collector, Agent, Advisor and Promoter of Contemporary Chinese Art

18.30  Keynote Lecture
• Sophie Raux — Mapping the Agents of the Art Market in Early Modern Europe: An Experimental Research Database

19.15  Reception


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